Bags creating jobs for the homeless

Bags creating jobs for the homeless

what-daisy-did-lifestyle-squareHaving been involved with BAFTS (British Association of fairtrade shops) through one of my clients, I came across  ‘What Daisy Did’ – an ethical and sustainable fashion brand.

What Daisy Did have taken to Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds to launch their new bag collection ‘The Wayfarer Collection’.

The bags tackle homelessness by creating jobs for homeless and vulnerable people. They are also recycled from strong military surplus materials, which through upcycling, reduces waste and demand for new materials.

tallin bag

We asked the founders to tell us more about their story:

Our names are Daisy and Ozric.

We have five years experience working in various sustainability focused projects.

This has opened our eyes to the reality of Humanity’s disposable lifestyle and led us to create our fashion brand ‘What Daisy Did’, three years ago.

Our products are beautiful, functional, affordable and tackle waste from every angle. Our current collections are made from offcut and waste leather from both big factories and community farming in India, where these two collections are then made by skilled artisans in small impoverished communities. We create timeless styles that will outlive the micro trends and seasons keeping them out of landfill for as long as possible. You can see more about our current collections here.

what-daisy-did-partyTell us more about Slow Fashion:

We are strong advocates of slow fashion, a term which describes our battle against reckless consumerism in the fashion industry (fast fashion). It encourages consumers to slow down and make more conscious decisions about what they are buying. Our ethos is complete transparency from start to finish. We are Fairtrade registered with BAFTS (that’s the wonderful British Association of fairtrade shops) and work with the Woodland Trust carbon scheme to reduce our carbon footprint.

We wish Daisy and Ozric the best of luck with the campaign and urge our readers to back this wonderful project…..

Check out their Facebook campaign here

And you can back them on Kickstarter here 

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