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I was delighted to open the Evening Standard this week to see a photo of Lily Cole talking about Quick Reads – such good coverage of an amazing charity.  (Picture: Rosie Hallam)

It reminded me that I was actually carrying one on the books in my bag, so I ploughed through a couple of short stories on my Tube journey – who would have thought I’d have had a copy of Four Warned by Jeffrey Archer in my bag, however I was pleasantly surprised and was lucky not to miss my stop, I was so engrossed!

This followed a snuggly Sunday sat on the sofa for two hours with the kids playing/reading too… I started Blackout by Emily Barr and found I just couldn’t put it down – what a page-turner… I finished it in one sitting, with the boys asking me ‘what page are you on now?’ It really showed me how important it is to read in front of the kids, usually they are tucked up in bed when I read – interesting reaction, and delight from them that I finished a book in one day! I am taking these away with my at half term, and will pass on to my aged Mother who struggles to read a whole book these days – I think she’ll enjoy them!

Quick Reads are short, easy-to-read books by well-known authors which cost only £1. They are great for people who don’t have much time but just fancy a quick read!

The books are designed for those who might feel too busy to try a longer book or for those who haven’t read a book in a while and want to get back into reading, the bite-sized books use clear language making them easy to read with fast-paced storylines.

This year’s titles include a romantic modern-day fairytale, prison escape and fast-paced thriller
* Hidden by Barbara Taylor Bradford
* Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero by Harriet Evans
* Four Warned by Jeffrey Archer
* The Escape by Lynda La Plante
* A Cruel Fate by Lindsey Davis
* Blackout by Emily Barr

To help launch this year’s Quick Reads’ titles, a number of celebrities including Larry Lamb, Myleene Klass, Jamal Edwards and Lily Cole have starred in a short film about literacy. They talk openly and passionately about their thoughts on and relationship with reading, capturing personal stories and anecdotes – both good and bad. Bless Larry Lamb 🙂 inspiring stuff…. get reading! 🙂

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