Christmas Trees – made from books?!

Our local library is having a re-vamp – I’m pleased for them, they are a lovely bunch in there, and as a family we just don’t visit enough during the winter months.
Labour Councillor Nick Draper, Merton Council’s cabinet member for community and culture, says: “I’m very glad this refurbishment, which has been planned for a long time, is going ahead”…


A-Greener-Life-For-Us-Christmas-Tree-from-booksWe agree, very fond of the old place – the external architecture is quite amazing, featuring a fabulous sculpture created in 1995 called ‘Release’ by artist Mohammad Sheibani consisting of some very graphic panels on the exterior walls, which represent ‘books’ made from bricks…We’re lucky in Merton because Library campaigners predict that the government will force the closure of a further 400 UK libraries by 2016, bringing the total of library closures since 2009 to more than 1,000. We need to encourage people BACK to their local libraries – It got me thinking – what could they do to ‘contemporise’ the interior of our own library – and I’ve stumbled across LOADS of really interesting photographs recently – where books themselves have been used as the sculpture material to juxtapose these brick-books on the outside walls… (Christmas Trees being very popular this week!)


For example, at Gleeson library (San Francisco) this eye-catching christmas tree assembled back in 2009 – a great story to attract visitors back to the library with their camera phones, instagram and pinterest!

Bench-of-ThoughtOr you could grab a book, and relax on the ‘bench of thought’ by amazing Spanish artist Álvaro Tamarit. Álvaro’s work relates to sustainability, recycling and protection of the planet. The scultpures produced are made exclusively from old books, recycled wood collected from skips, dumps and beaches. Alvaro Tamarit.


Fokkema-Partners-Delft-LibraryAnother fabulous library redesign features this amazing desk made from recycled books at Delft University Architecture Library in The Netherlands – TU Delft Bouwkunde designed by Fokkema & Partners.

If you spot any more book-sculpture let us know, we should dedicate a whole pinterest board to it!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Trees – made from books?!

  1. What brilliant ideas there are, I love the reception desk and sofa, how cool! But favourite must go to Mohammed’s brick sculpture, gorgeous.
    Oh and yes, I promise to take the girls to the library over the Christmas holidays too 😉

    1. Just seen this Mari, apologies, lots of things in SPAM – thank you, and DID you take the girls to the library? 🙂

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