David Bowie – Planet Earth is blue

What an amazing man – and how sad.
As children in the sixties, and art students in the eighties, we were inspired, and excited by David Bowie – enchanted, and delighted.
We awoke to the sad news this morning – our children, recently introduced to his phenomenal outpourings, were saddened too – his work will carry on in them – and others too.
We are feeling the sad news today… Planet Earth is Blue.
Everywhere we look on social media – every radio, every news programme.


As an ‘artist’ myself, my Art College days were certainly inspired by Bowie, from my make-up to my hairstyles, and it seems that never leaves us.
Here’s a couple of selections of wonderful work from graphic artist NickPrints – A typographic print detailing all David Bowie’s studio albums with accompanying key facts. Coincidentally completed the day before news of his tragic death was announced to a stunned world, Nick’s typographic print reflects on Bowie’s amazing back catalogue of studio albums. (and is printed on recycled paper too…)
BOWIE NickPrintsBOWIE NickPrints detail
We also love this beautiful gif celebrating the ch ch ch changes…, an animated gif that has been shared around the world – credit and courtesy: 
Helen Green Art
thank you #DavidBowie 🙂

Fashion, turn to the left… The world has lost a great artist.

Read more about his work as an environmentalist here most recently, being amongst more than 300 world artists who called upon on climate negotiators at the climate summit in Paris at the end of 2015,  to reach a deal that aims to stave off global warming.


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