End Female Genital Mutilation

End Female Genital Mutilation
“FGM has stopped in my family because of my grandmother’s courage to stand up for her daughters, against what she knew was an act of violence.”
“Unfortunately, not all girls and women are as lucky. Worldwide, it is estimated that 125 million women and girls bear the scars of FGM.” 
15 year old June, from Plan‘s Youth Advisory panel, tells us about how FGM was celebrated in her community in Sierra Leone, a country where an estimated 88% of girls undergo Female Genital Mutilation. Click here to read her blog post.

125 million girls and women bear the scars of Female Genital Mutilation. Plan protects the rights of girls and women who are at risk of FGM and those who have survived it. If you do just one thing today to help us #EndFGM – please WATCH and SHARE this powerful video which went live last week on YouTube:

Every year, millions of girls across the world are at risk of FGM – Female Genital Mutilation. Also known as female genital cutting, it’s a practice dating back thousands of years, which involves the full or partial removal of a girl’s external private parts.  It is mostly carried out on young girls, sometime between infancy and age 15, but has no medical or hygienic justification. 

Please watch the below 37 second video, which draws attention to this blatant violation of girls’ human rights. Share the video, talk about, get FGM on the public agenda. Here is the link on facebook – if you prefer to share from there…Your support will help Plan UK in their work to eradicate female genital mutilation in a generation.

https://twitter.com/planuk hashtag #EndFGM

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