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PoZuShoes Piper BootsI recently came across this amazing shoe brand when they were featured on the Guardian’s Christmas Shopping guide and I totally fell in love.

Ethically made in Portugal, these shoes and boots are totally created to sustain your sole in style.
With a patented and unique ‘Foot-Mattress’ I can honestly say, they are SOooooo comfortable, that I have worn these Piper boots every day since I took delivery of them three weeks ago!

The classic design means that they ‘go’ with any outfit, from jeans, tights and frocks and if you’re an Ugg-type-boot wearer, (which I’ll admit, I’m not…) I’m sure they’ll go with little denim hotpants in the summer too! (whohey!)

This style of boot also comes in a variety of different upper materials including a mix of leather and tweed, as well as this option in chrome-free suede with wool fleece lining, and if they are not on my feet, my 12 year old son pops them on to wear as slippers around the house – cheeky!

piper_l_brown_13146322-daba-4af5-b0d9-f0e449f1dde1_grande piper_l_red_grande piper_s_aqua_grande piper_s_tan_b99b699f-25bf-472c-b45b-1a7890323618_grande piper_v_brown_grande piper_v_check_grande

I will definitely be revisiting their collection throughout the year – and have told my ‘Vegan sister’ all about their new sneaker collection which I understand will be totally vegan!

The husband is also eyeing them up – and I’m so glad to know WHERE they’re made, and HOW they’re made.
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