Fairtrade chocolate cake in a mug

A-Greener-Life-For-Us-Valentines-Fairtrade-Chocolate-CakeA really sweet quick after-school snack for my lovely boys tonight, chocolate cake in a mug… this usually creates great guffaws of laughter as they are left to their own devices to play with the measurements, and as ever, tonight, the self-raising flour took charge, and the cake dutifully took to rising….well above the level of the mug!

So the ingredients are:

A-Greener-Life-For-Us-Fairtrade-Chocolate-Cake2 dessert spoons of caster sugar
2 dessert spoons of self-raising flour
1  dessert spoon cocoa powder
1 free range egg
1 dessert spoon milk
1  dessert spoon oil
1 dessert spoon of chopped chocolate

optional: add a couple of slices of banana to the mix to add moisture #makebananasfair.

Mix the dry ingredients together, add the egg, milk and oil and pop in the microwave for two and a half minutes.
We used Divine Fairtrade Chocolate and cocoa powder, as that’s our chocolate of choice here (don’t mention the  milk chocolate toffee and sea salt bar – that’s MINE, and not going anywhere NEAR cake in a cup OR a mug!)

Really fun idea for Valentine’s Day too… make a little paper template, and sprinkle with icing sugar (click here for ‘how to make’ these *heart-hands* seen above)

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