Hygge – pronounced ‘hue-gah’


Hygge – pronounced ‘hue-gah’ is so good in every way!

sgiew_hygge-lewes-map-store-dorteThis week’s photo challenge is all about ‘hygge’. With the changing of the seasons, everyone is talking about it.
Ooh – a hygge instagram challenge!

So we’d like to find out more. So we asked our guest judge, Dorte from Lewesmapstore to tell us all about HYGGE… and why we think you’ll enjoy the hashtag challenge #sgiew_HYGGE.

Slowing down and appreciating where we live…

We are Dörte and Malcolm and live happily, together with our son, in the beautiful town of Lewes, nestled in the middle of the South Downs in England. We love exploring the Sussex countryside and capture its beauty; Malcolm with his illustrations and me, Dörte with my passion for photography.

The Danish word ‘hygge’, which is pronounced ‘hue-gah’, means “… creating a nice, warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people around you…” (Taken from the official Visit Denmark website) Hygge is being with your family, spending time with friends, cosy evenings by candle light wrapped in a blanket, reading a good book, eating and drinking, and also being kind to yourself. What does ‘hygge’ mean to you? It’s ‘so good in every way’…

For a chance to win some Lewes Map goodies, including this beautiful mug and tea towel, sponsored by our lovely guest judge @lewesmap, co-founder of @lewesmapstore, capture your moments of well-being and happiness and share them with us using #sgiew_hygge. (off to make another apple crumble and then have a sofa snuggle with Pickle the Dog before she goes of to Brixton, that’s pretty Hygge right??)

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Dörte our guest judge @lewesmap, has chosen,We have nine amazing instagrammers who have been chosen for the winning grid…

From top left to right:
sgiew_hygge-lewes-map-store-winners-grid1. @zoepower
2. @ceramicmagpie
3. @little__sleep
Middle left to right:
4. @circleofpines
5. @teawithruby
6. @ali_dover
Bottom left to right:
7. @ridasj
8. @ivy.cottage
9. @abookishbaker

My winner is @teawithruby {A mug and tea towel} I love the picture and caption {“Bread, I make it every week. It may not be the prettiest of loaves but it’s made by hand with love…”} I knew straight away that was my winner. I love everything about it…And it’s so hygge!

I’d love to send all the runner ups a tea towel as well 🙂

NOW that IS ‘so good in every way’…

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