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eggs incredibusy sgiew[ so good in every way ]

It’s time for a new ‘so good in every way’, it’s #eggs this week, let’s fill the #sgiew feed with photos of umm, eggs! Freshly collected from the hen coop, store bought, crafted into creatures for Easter projects, whatever you fancy this week…the more organic, and free range the better…

Follow your hosts @incredibusy and @redtedart and @sogoodineveryway and this week’s guest judge @kymgrimshaw – Kym is the most amazing food writer and photographer, her website OnThePlate features just that, some amazing recipes, and equally beautifully photographs of her art, ‘on the plate!’
Kym Grimshaw EggsKym says: “My love of food has grown every day into a full time healthy obsession so I figured it was about time I found somewhere to nurture it here on my blog. I’m no chef but a lack of training doesn’t stop me from bringing delicious food to the table.” 

If you would like to join in this week, follow the team, and use the hashtag #sgiew ♡🌿♡♡♡ on your ‘egg’ posts.
Entries close at midnight Friday.

Click the hashtag #sgiew and explore, 💕like, and embrace this lovely growing community!


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