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It’s time for this week’s ‘sogoodineveryway community challenge.

It’s [ hands ] this week. Busy hands crafting, stirring pots, cupping-a-coffee… that sort of thing!

so-very-good-in-every-way-incredibusy-03-11-2015If you would like to join in, use the hashtag #sgiew and this week’s judge is the wonderful Jennie Maizels from @jenniemaizels
Entries close at midnight Friday.

Click the hashtag #sgiew and explore and embrace this lovely growing community! Find your tribe…


Make sure you are following the team members:

Ali Clifford @incredibusy
Maggy Woodley @redtedart
and our judge @jenniemaizels


Last week‘s pumpkin highlight was @aliceguy congratulations Alice!

with a selection of nine runners up:

1) @tmkuk

2) @niki_atthecottage

3) @emilyhogarth

4) @agraylife

5) @aliceguy

6) @capturebylucy

7) @grownasswomenwithdinosaurs

8) @_ewabakrac

9) @jayneh1971

Good luck with the #sgiew #hands challenge this week – pop over to see the featured winners here

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