instagram challenge, sgiew – calm

so good in every way incredibusy calm

[ so good in every way ]

so good in every way incredibusy calm#sgiew

#calm #calmsea #calmbeforethestorm

So about tonight’s theme; (and this is ‘confession time’ for me)
I discussed the theme #calm with Diana, our guest judge, and we agreed calm would be a good instagram photo prompt, that people would enjoy posting pictures of their calmer moments, a cup of tea, a leisurely breakfast, you know, that sort of thing…
whereas in reality, I’ve failed this week… I’ve been anything BUT CALM. I’ve lived up to my name, dashing here and there, not getting the things done that I needed/wanted to get done, and juggling too many things and people in the air… The boys have just gone to bed, following a massively excited elastic-band-pistol-fight on the landing, with much whooping, and not much teeth-cleaning. So, I’ve failed at staying calm.
HENCE, I am cheating, and posting a photo from a calmer, slower moment in our lives, a walk on the beach, Larchmont Manor Beach, on Valentine’s Day, with old friends, a FREEZING cold minus 24degrees, peering across the #CalmSea towards #NewYork.

So, in simple terms, if you can find your ‘calm’ naturally do, if not, cheat, honestly just looking at these photos has made me take a deep breath and breath calm back into my self. x

so-very-good-in-every-way-paintsewgluechew-26-04-16Anyway, back to Ts & Cs: follow your hosts @incredibusy and @redtedart and @sogoodineveryway and this week’s guest judge – Diana who shares fabulous images of// home cook// crafts. Random snaps of things she makes, eats, likes (and a few of her kids when they let her). with a wonderful website:
If you would like to join in this week, follow the team, and use the hashtag #sgiew ♡🌿♡♡♡ on your ‘calm’ posts.
Entries close at midnight Friday.

Click the hashtag #sgiew and explore, 💕like, and embrace this lovely growing community!

And the winners – updated 2 May 2016

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