perspective, an instagram photo challenge

so good in every way perspective

so good in every way perspective

[ so good in every way ]


It’s all about looking into the distance… I’ve been walking up this track for 13 years now, and suddenly the blonde boys to my left and to my right are ALMOST my height, yet still love running with sticks through the bluebells, and making and unblocking dams, and chasing each other and whooping and hollering…

This week’s guest judge is I’ve been tweeting with Pippa for a LONG time (we have some of her amazing furniture) and was delighted when I found them on the insta too!

Pippa Kahn is one half of design gallery Fears and Kahn which she has been running alongside her partner Alan Fears since 1998.
Fears and Kahn offers an assortment of 20th Century Design, Antiques and modern Art.
Having studied Fine Art, Pippa is an avid photographer with a passion for nature (esp birds!), architecture and interiors.

Anyway, back to Ts & Cs: follow your hosts @incredibusy and @redtedart and @sogoodineveryway and this week’s guest judge
If you would like to join in this week, follow the team, and use the hashtag #sgiew ♡🌿♡♡♡ on your ‘perspective’ posts.
Entries close at midnight Friday.

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