Po-Zu – Making Green Mainstream

Here’s an exciting investment opportunity with a big tick in the ethical box.

Po-Zu is an award-winning sustainable footwear brand, currently ranked the UK’s No. 1 Ethical Shoe Brand*

They have been designing and making shoes in an ethical way for the last nine years and their ongoing sucess has led to collaborations with global brands such as Timberland, and soon Po-Zu boots are about to star in a major Hollywood film franchise…

The footware market is huge and growing, with approximately 25 billion pairs sold each year. Unfortunately though, the vast majority of these shoes are not only made using toxic substances, but millions of tonnes each year are  destined for landfill, with recylcing at only 5%.

In contrast Po-Zu’s range of shoes and boots are made in partnership with an ethical factory in Portugal. They are made without the use of toxic glues, and are stitched thus made for disassembly and recycling. The cushioned ‘Foot-Mattress™’ sole also makes use of coconut fibres an otherwise natural waste product.

Po-Zu means ‘Pause’ in Japanese and having taken a pause to look ahead, Po-Zu are charged up and ready to take the next important step forward.

If you have an inclination to be part of the Po-zu journey, right now there is a unique opportunity via the equity crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube.

They are looking for individuals to join them on their journey by investing and helping to raise a target of £150,000. With options to invest from as little as £10 you can become a shareholder in the business. Additional rewards are offered from their own Edible Shoe Cream, to shoes and also a trip to Portugal with founder Sven Segal, to see how the shoes are made.

As the business grows, there will be the opportunity to make a return on your investment, as well as having the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting an ethical enterprise, and therefore helping to make more of a positive impact.

If you are interested check out the following link


Po-Zu Crowdfunding Party invitation link


…may the good soles be with you!



*by The Good Shopping Guide (The Ethical Company Organisation)

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