#sgiew and #sgiew_PAUSE instagram challenge

take time to PAUSE

#sgiew and #sgiew_PAUSE instagram challenge

take time to PAUSEThe theme for #sgiew is #sgiew_PAUSE – and we’d love you to join in for a chance to win a wonderful pair of the beautiful Piper V Brown Linen Boots worth £120.

So to join in, make sure you are following your @sogoodineveryway hosts, @incredibusy, @redtedart and @willowdaygram and of COURSE our judge @Po-Zu!

Did you know that the word Po-Zu comes from the Japanese word for pause? We want to see your pics of you taking a pause!

Add the tags #sgiew #sgiew_PAUSE #mindfulness to your photo illustrating you taking time out for yourself, slow living, reflecting, walking, taking in the wildlife, spending time in the park, Or like us, taking a flask of coffee to the allotment… Toes in the grass, or in the sand, kick off your shoes, and show us what it is to take a pause and put your feet up!

sgiew po-zu boots so-very-good-in-every-way-incredibusy-Po_Zu-19-07-16

Find out more about Sven here…

Ali – : Tell us about yourself, Sven!

Did you always take an interest in clothes and in particular shoes, from when you were very young?

Not at all; I’d changed my interests like socks up until my late twenties. After having a go at architecture, graphic design, stage design and photography; then one day I was struck by a shoe bulb moment, and that was it.

Ali: So you saw there was a need and wanted to make a difference?

Sven: I initially went into shoes because they were the most practical thing I could think of. The NEED to develop a better, more ethically and environmentally responsible shoe only came after working several years as a shoe designer for mainstream brands, and gradually discovering the dark side of this industry which turned out to be highly polluting and exploitative. I HAD to make a difference because I couldn’t bear being part of that cruel and backwards system.

Ali: You make a big connection between style and ethics. Are you making a connection between self-esteem and how we value other people and our world?

Sven: Sure, my pride lies in helping to cure our ill industry, in helping factory workers breathe less polluted cleaner air, and minimise environmental impact.

Ali: You seem to have a whole philosophy about how we treat our feet; they’re after all what connects us to the ground, what propel us forward?

Sven: Yes many of us take for granted the fact that our feet carry our entire weight throughout our lives; why don’t we love them in the same way that we love that person who gives us a piggyback ride for example? Our shoes are designed to pamper your feet because they’re worth it!

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So, for a chance to WIN £120 prize Po-Zu boots, follow the hosts, and guest judge, and add the tags
‪#‎sgiew_pause‬ – ends Midnight Sunday 31st July.

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Ali also writes at KidsChaos.com and FunCraftsKids.com and of course Incredibusy.com

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