sgiew instagram challenge – blue

blue sgiew instagram challenge

[ so good in every way ]
#blue #electricblue

blue sgiew instagram challengeAfter an Easter break, we are BACK and it’s time for a new ‘so good in every way’, it’s #blue this week, inspired by the amazing blue skies, and swathes of bluebells appearing everywhere!

I went out for a walk today with Maggy to get some ‘blue’ shots but it was just too sunny to take any pictures! So, this photo has been on my ‘phone for a while, it’s an artwork half way up the Glastonbury Tor, if anyone knows the artist, let me know and I’ll credit them!

Anyway, follow your hosts @incredibusy and @redtedart and @sogoodineveryway and this week’s guest judge @allthatisshe – Dominique is a very popular instagrammer, blogger and owner of a 36 piece capsule wardrobe!

so-very-good-in-every-way-allthatisshe-19-04-16If you would like to join in this week, follow the team, and use the hashtag #sgiew ♡🌿♡♡♡ on your ‘blue’ posts.
Entries close at midnight Friday.

Click the hashtag #sgiew and explore, 💕like, and embrace this lovely growing community!

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