sgiew instagram challenge pattern and symmetry

sgiew pattern & symmetry

sgiew pattern & symmetry[ so good in every way ]
#pattern #symmetry

After an Easter break, we are BACK and it’s time for a new ‘so good in every way’, it’s #pattern and  #symmetry this week,

Follow your hosts @incredibusy and @redtedart and @sogoodineveryway and this week’s guest judge @ttsbie – Kate is a freelance interior designer and has just completed the renovation and extension of her home. She lives in the ‘burbs of London and relishes escaping to her small garden with her macro lens when the kids aren’t watching.

Kate says: “I love making things and usually have some new skill lined up to learn – probably because I grew up in a home where my mum was always making, drawing or painting something. That said, I’d happily never insulate a new roof ever again some skills should be un-learnt!.” 

If you would like to join in this week, follow the team, and use the hashtag #sgiew ♡🌿♡♡♡ on your ‘pattern and symmetry’ posts.
Entries close at midnight Friday.

Click the hashtag #sgiew and explore, 💕like, and embrace this lovely growing community!

Update: 20 April 2016 – click below to look at the winners!

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