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{so good in every way}

Last week we asked you to share your favourite shots of flowers with us on instagram, and use the hashtag #sgiew_flowers so that our lovely guest judge could find you all… We had SHEDLOADS of entries, and it was a real challenge to select just nine to make it onto the grid, let alone the ONE shot that would win a wonderful prize from Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson (@hannawendelbo) – we do have a winner though, and that winner is…..
congratulations – wonderful prize too!

All nine are listed here:


and we urge you as a community to go check them out and give them some encouragement – Instagram isn’t what it used to be, so we have to make a point of seeking out those who still have the same #sgiew (so good in every way) community spirit and with kindness, encourage and cheer-on!

We asked Hanna if she could tell us a bit about herself

On IG: @hannawendelbo

Who are you?

I’m a passionate wallpaper designer, mother of three adorable kids, flower and garden addicted living in a house in Sweden together with my husband that also are really interested in design and interior.

What do you do?

I’m Creative Director at the Swedish brand Sandberg Wallpaper, where I work both with drawing new designs and developing the brand. In my spare time a spend a lot of time in my garden. On Instagram I share my flower petal play using the hashtag #hannasblackdrop, making for example angel wings from daisy petals.

I have also started a initiative on Instagram called @designhjalpen that is a channel where designers sell their work and the whole profit goes to the Red Cross and their help to refugees. We have raised half a million Swedish crowns this year only by this. It’s win win for everybody involved, the designers get exposed to a big crowd of followers and usually sells more than the product for charity, and we raise money to the refugees!

Whats your background?

I’ve been in the wallpaper industry as a designer for more than 15 years now, working for different brands both in Sweden and in UK. I’m a trained surface print designer at the University of Gothenburg. I have always loved prints and during the years my collection of Liberty fabrics have gone pretty wild.

What inspires you?

My main source of inspiration is my garden. When I feel a bit low and drained i always find energy in the flowers or leaves that i find in the nature.

What is your future plans?

I have big plans for the future! In middle of November i will start up a web shop selling prints and posters with my flower petal play. I will also start blogging using my own name. Where that then might lead me to, I don’t know at this point, but I’m very excited to find out!

And so are we Hanna – lovely to have you involved with ‘so good in every way’ – it’s been an absolute honour. Ali, x

sgiew_sycamore_caWe will be launching a new theme of #sgiew_horizon tonight over on @incredibusy‘s account, so get your creative thinking caps on – you will have all week to share your shots with us so that this week’s special guest judge Eva at @sycamore_co will have her work cut out too! She is also giving away a printable poster prize, more on that later… have a wonderful day! – lots of love, Ali, Maggy and Gina (aka @incredibusy, @redtedart and @willowdaygram)



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