{so good in every way}

I’m quite amazed at just how many #horizon shots I have in my instagram feed – so I’m really glad we chose it as this week’s theme! I can reflect back on an amazing summer (today in London, it was almost as hot as Rhodes Island in August!) and give my boy a hug for posing so beautifully.

so-very-good-in-every-way-sycamore_coLet’s see your #sgiew_horizon photographs – get your creative thinking caps on – you will have all week to share your shots with us so that this week’s special guest judge Eva at @sycamore_co can select a grid of nine… She is also giving away a printable poster prize – Eva says:

“Big art can be hard to find, and when I do find it, it usually costs hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars. So we’re really excited to offer digital download art that you can print yourself. #SycamoreDesigns”

Make sure you go give Eva a follow over on @sycamore_co as well as your #sgiew hosts Ali, Maggy and Gina (aka @incredibusy, @redtedart and @willowdaygram) – have a lovely sunny evening! Ali x

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