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pot plant - sgiew

pot plant - sgiew#sgiew
{so good in every way}
This week’s theme is #sgiew_potplant with a nice prize from guest judge Debbie @komoonko – pictured below.

PRIZE: A planter and plant. The plant is called string of hearts, Latin, Ceropegia woodii – worth £47.

So get tagging over on instagram, with the new theme tag #sgiew_potplant and make sure your follow and say hello to @komoonko + @redtedart @willowdaygram your cohosts – 🍃🌿

And I might just have treated myself at the @goodlifeexperience #marketplace to some rather lovely @amandabanhamceramics and some new #cactus from the florists BonFleur in #SW20 and I know that with the weather getting chilly you’ll appreciate this one; who doesn’t like a cacti or potplant right??

We asked Debbie at Moonko to tell us a bit about herself:

Talk to us Debbie!

I adore all things handmade, ethical and botanical. I love the outdoors, especially the sea where I often spend time with my wonderful family. I have a little rescue cat
called Pip (Plus a few neighbours cats who visit from time to time).

I have seen the northern lights three times, lived in a Tepee in the Finnish arctic circle, spent time in San Francisco & travelling across the US & Canada. (Plus some other pretty amazing places) ooh and I love story telling!

so-very-good-in-every-way-komoonko-20-09-16What do you do?

I am the founder of MoonKo, a design led gift shop in Sheffield that sells all things ethical, handmade and botanical. I love my job, I get to work with some pretty amazing folks. I am all about giving back, and with a share of our profits we sponsor children out of poverty with (Hoping to increase lots as we grow). We have some pretty wonderful projects on the horizon, which means i may need to update my passport 😉

Do you make any of the products in the shop?

Yes (When I get time) I love to make ceramics and work with ceramicists. I just adore the glazing process and could do that all day. Ceramics is so
therapeutic, it gives me time out from a often crazy schedule to create and be creative. I used to be a printer (My area was in etching) so its quite similar in some ways, you never quite know what you are going to get when your work comes out of the kiln, which is exciting.

Where does your love of all things botanical come from?

I grew up with plants, and flowers, my dad was a gardening and used to exhibit at Chelsea flower show. He was always testing me on the Latin names, visiting garden centres and growers. I used to go with him everywhere. I adore air plants and love the way they grow and get there nutrients from the air, you do have to water them though (at least once a week).

What are your plans for the future?

To continue to grow MoonKo, maybe opening a few more shops (Who knows) I can’t wait to work on some pretty exciting products which involve working with certain organisations that are passionate about stopping trafficking and child slavery.
To grow my plant collection (With out Pip the rescue cat trying to eat them) and see the northern lights at least one more time.

You can find more on air plants* here: air plants
*affiliate link

Follow Debbie here on instagram @komoonko
Check out her website here MoonKo

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