Surely, everybody wants ‘better shoes’?‏

better shoes foundation incredibusy

Surely, everybody wants ‘better shoes’?‏

We’ve written previously about the global movement calling for more transparency in the fashion industry. Fashion Revolution – encouraging us to ask #WhoMadeMyClothes? And now has never been a better time to ask, “who made my shoes… and how?”

better shoes foundation incredibusy

You wouldn’t think shoes could be dangerous, would you? But they can be – for the environment we live in, and for the people who make those shoes.

Ethical shoe company have launched the knowledge-sharing website, ‘Better Shoes Foundation’ to improve sustainability in the footwear industry.

The Foundation is hosted on an open-source website featuring current best practice in design, material selection, manufacturing, transport, consumption, sustainable development and post-consumer waste.

The Better Shoes website includes resources such as a directory of sustainable and vegan shoe brands, links to relevant national and international campaigns, and a summary of current legal requirements, standards and available certifications.

better shoes foundation pinterestThe footwear industry has never been particularly well known for its sustainable practices, and as the pace of fashion has quickened we’ve begun buying more shoes, and throwing them away… only 5% of post-consumer shoes are ever recycled.

The desire for cheaper and faster production has also encouraged the exploitation of vulnerable workers through long hours, low pay and dangerous working conditions.

better shoes gifPo-Zu’s founder and creative director Sven Segal said, “Sustainability is a very complex matter and nobody does it perfectly. What we’re doing is shining the light on good practice so that others can draw inspiration from that.”

The concept of the foundation is to encourage a collaborative approach to creating more ethical and environmentally friendly products, and new information will be added with the evolution of materials, technology and manufacturing processes.

Sven Segal added: “I see it as a work in progress; there’s a lot more that can be done. Hopefully it will show people that sustainable practices are both possible and also rewarding.”

Visit the Better Shoes Foundation here

Or you can talk to them on Twitter at @BetterShoes_F


3 thoughts on “Surely, everybody wants ‘better shoes’?‏

  1. This is brilliant, I particularly like the fact that their directory includes vegan shoes. I used to buy Toms because I love that they donate a pair for every pair you buy. Haven’t bought anything other than running trainers recently so I’ll check out Better Shoes before I buy any more.

    1. Hi Nat, thanks; I’ve been chatting to them about running shoes, as I’ve just taken up running myself, I think there is a gap in the market for ethical trainers…. Do go and follow them on twitter – as they are tweeting some great links about sustainable development 🙂 x

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