Who Made My Clothes ?

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2016 is the third anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory complex disaster and the third Fashion Revolution event to mark the occasion. This year Fashion Revolution Day has been extended to a week, with events happening all over the UK, making a total of 80 countries worldwide now supporting the campaign.

To get involved you should instagram the brands you wear with the question #whomademyclothes ?

I asked Po-Zu, People Tree and White Stuff…

And another excellent response to my photo from Po-Zu shoes…


As well as challenging fashion brands, Fashion Revolution also aims to highlight and congratulate responsible and ethical producers.

Po-zu shoes have been producing ethical footwear for almost a decade so who better to use as an example of a responsible brand. I spoke to Po-Zu founder Sven Segal about good practice as a responsible fashion brand and have included some of Sven’s comments below…

Shoes are a bit tricky to turn inside out and often lack informative labelling on what materials are used, and where they have been produced. The only label requirement we’re aware of on imported shoes from outside the EU is to mark if the shoes are leather or synthetic just because there are differences in import tax. But how on Earth can we know what we are stepping into?

A toxic cocktail of chemically tanned leather with solvent based glues perhaps?


Unfortunately it’s highly likely folks. So here is a partially turned boot of ours to show one neat way to make it better and detox. We love using Harris Tweed which is one of the best examples of  slow fashion and  sustainable design. The beauty behind  Harris Tweed lies in its  heritage,  authentic artisan workmanship, and  low impact production ( weaved on  pedal power looms) that is  locally sourced and fully  traceable.

May consumers become more  conscious and turn to  ethical fashion. Viva @fash_rev! May good soles be with you x


You can read more about the ethical manufacturing at Po-Zu here, Our Promise.




FashionRevolution_poster 16On 24 April 2013, 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 were injured when the Rana Plaza complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

That’s when Fashion Revolution was born. 1,134 is too many people to lose from the planet in one factory on one terrible day to not stand up and demand change. Transparency is the first step to transform the industry. And it starts with one simple question: Who made my clothes?

So – show your label, and ask brands “Who made my clothes?”

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