winners Silhouette and Shadow SGIEW

winners SGIEW

winners SGIEW

Time for this week’s @sogoodineveryway {#sgiew for short} community challenge winners.

It was [ #Silhouette and #Shadow ] and a VERY tough week for our guest judge the gorgeous Annie ♡🌿 @FableandFolk ♡♡♡

these are her favourite NINE

1) @mjverdes2
2) @rachel.marilyn.reeder
3) @sphynxmax
4) @hazalgumus
5) @amelie_and_richard
7) @hpmcq
8) @xantheb
9) @gillian_morton

Do go follow all of these amazing instagrammers and if you would like to join in, follow the team, click the hashtag #sgiew and explore, 💕like, and embrace this lovely growing community! Find your tribe…
Make sure you are following the team members:
Ali Clifford @incredibusy
Maggy Woodley @redtedart
and our host @sogoodineveryway

#Silhouette and #Shadow here

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