World Environment Day

Today is wofeet in the air (1)rld environment day. Our highlight brand today is an amazingly environmentally aware shoe company based in London. They give 3% of their profits to four environmental charities.

Launching in 2006, Pozu began as a small business pushing a clear ethical promise: to use only the highest quality natural components and renewable materials to minimise the impact of the manufacturing process on the environment.

In a world where the manufacturing of a typical synthetic shoe is equivalent to leaving an 100 watt bulb burning for the week, Pozu are attempting to redefine the way people think and consume fashion. Pozu sets the benchmark in ethical footwear, pushing its mantra of sustainability at every stage of a shoes life. As such, Pozu shoes contain no glue or dangerous chemicals so they can be easily dismantled, recycled or upcycled.



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